3 Jobs in DAL Mining


1.Supply Chain Planner

Vacancy Details

Job Title:Supply Chain Planner
Date Posted:09/12/2020
Closing Date:23/12/2020
Company:DAL Mining
Job Classification:mid-level (4-7 years)
Job Category:Supply Chain (Logistics, Procurement, Warehousing, Transport)

Position summary:

To Ensure that material requirements are available to support production schedules by working closely with production planning, inventory controller, warehouse supervisor, buyers, and procurement to optimize the overall Operations from demand to delivery.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Preparation of purchase requisition
    • Creates and manages purchase requisitions to ensure timely ordering of necessary materials in coordination and collaboration with the end users.
  • Management and controlling of materials
    • Manage and control material inventory including controlling excess, insufficient, or deficient materials. This may require working with the customer, Engineering, Quality, Program Manager, Buyers, Finance, suppliers, or other external vendors.
  • Materials availability
    • Ensure that material requirements are available to support production schedules by working closely with production planning, buyers, and procurement quality engineers to ensure that the needed material is on time and meets necessary quality requirements through inspection, analysis, and any applicable testing.
  • Finding alternatives
    • Assist in identifying alternate and/or new materials as needed for related activities to ensure compliance with contract and authorities.
  • Report
    • Advising end users to plan for their needs quarterly or annually and issuing periodic report to supply chain manager showing materials status in order to help management in taking corrective actions.
  • Material risk management
    • Identify and manage material risks in order to support per-defined lead times and cost management.       
  • Material issues resolving
    • Resolve moderate to complex material issues as necessary to identify vulnerabilities and close operational gaps.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:

  • Qualification:
    • Bachelor Degree in supply chain, business, engineering or a related discipline.                           
    • Master degree in Supply Chain, MBA or a relevant Field. 
    • Accredited Certification in Supply Chain Management.        
    • Category/ Product Market-Specific Knowledge.
  • Experience:
    • Minimum 5 Years experience in Supply Chain planning.   

Required Skills & Knowledge:

  • Category Strategy                                            
  • Cost                                            
  • Price                                            
  • Analyze Supply Chain Costs                                            
  • Financial Appraisal                                            
  • Foreign Currency                                            
  • Market Analysis                                            
  • “Contracting”                                            
  • Legal Considerations (Knowledge of Law)                                    
  • Terms and Conditions (Ts & Cs)                                            
  • Distribution/ Transportation Management                                    
  • Import/Export                                            
  • Inventory Management                                            
  • Warehouse Management                                            
  • Compliance                                            
  • Manages Risk                                            
  • Risk Analysis                                            
  • Budgeting                                            
  • Demand Management and Planning                                
  • Forecasting                                            
  • Needs Identification (Supply Planning)                                    
  • Project Management Supply Chain Integration                          
  • Supplier Quality Management                                            
  • Supply Chain Analytics                                            
  • Supply Chain Design                                            
  • Contract Management                                            
  • Supplier Performance/ Continuous Improvement                   
  • Sourcing Strategy                                            
  • Supplier Selection                                            
  • Application of Technology                                            
  • Knowledge of Procurement Technology Systems                        
  • Conducting Negotiation.

2.Drilling Operation Supervisor

Vacancy Details

Job Title:Drilling Operation Supervisor
Date Posted:09/12/2020
Closing Date:23/12/2020
Company:DAL Mining
Job Classification:mid-level (4-7 years)
Job Category:Administrative Support
Location:Kilo 8

Position summary:

To support the Drilling Manager, prepare quotes, inspect drill sites, communicate with clients, prepare invoices, plan drilling teams, and prepare drill reports.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

Potential Clients

  • Display features and benefits of DAL Mining Drilling Services to all potential clients in order to build value and desirability of the deal. Establish Contracts with external providers,set and moniter service level agreement and undertake report.

Manage drill allocation

  • Plan and Coordinate the allocation of the drills and the drill teams in order to organize the work.

Support Drill Teams

  • Support the drilling teams to ensure they have the correct supplies

Drill Administration

  • Carry all the require administration functions to support the drilling department,work with Drilling Manager and concern Managers to understand Project requirements and advise on operational support and logistics needs.


  • Scrutinizes department accounts to ensure that anomalies are investigated and costs are controlled.

Preparing quotes and tenders

  • Assist in the preparation of drill tenders and visit site to check out the conditions for drilling,understans key drivers of sales and profitability including gross to net provide accurate monthly sales forecasts


  • Provide accurate drill reports upon request in order to provide information for senior management.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:


  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering or closely related field           
  • CMRP Certification


  • Minimum 6 years in Maintenance/Drilling Profession. 
  • Minimum 3 years in a supervisory position in Drilling                                                                                                                            

Required Skills & Knowledge:

  • Budget & Cost Control
  • Expertise          
  • Health and Safety       
  • Improving Operations
  • Learning and Development 
  • Legal
  • Manages Self & Others
  • Monitoring and Measuring Effectiveness
  • Partnership Marketing
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Project Management
  • Quality Focus  
  • MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio) 
  • Risk and Reputation Management 
  • Sales Deal Closing     
  • Customer Service & Relationship Management
  • Negotiation
  • Marketing Data Analytics    
  • Contract Management
  • Administration

3.Mechanical Team Leader – Trucks (Field)

Vacancy Details

Job Title:Mechanical Team Leader – Trucks (Field)
Date Posted:09/12/2020
Closing Date:23/12/2020
Company:DAL Mining
Job Classification:mid-level (4-7 years)
Job Category:Engineering – Mechanical

Position summary:

To Direct and coordinate activities of workers engaged in repair, maintenance, and installation of machines, tools, and equipment in Operations Camp, to execute routine maintenance schedules in order to achieve the planned program.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance Arrangement
    • Manage the execution of a Planned Preventative Maintenance schedule, through testing and required inspection to ensure that the Vehicles and Equipment are operating safely and efficiently, to maximize the life of equipment and reduce the risk of failure.
  • Maintenance Plan
    • Set a plan, objectives and goals for maintenance while ensuring that maintenance, life cycle, human resources, procurement and logistic plans align with department’s plan.
  • Parts and consumables
    • Identify parts & material that enable performing the job in a fully integrated manner and Dispatch resources; Technicians to their respected jobs, training, etc. as well as, checking parts & material availability, tools, technicians and vehicles.   
  • People Supervision
    • Set clear objectives and delivery targets for individual members of the team; Manage performance of team members, providing regular feedback on performance; Encourage and coach teams and team members to improve performance and create an open, learning team culture and promote effective communications.
  • Vehicles monitoring
    • Implement processes and measures to assess the performance and validity of vehicles components using performance indicators.
  • Maintenance Reports
    • Provide essential information to determine whether performance is in accordance with the Operations department policies, standards, strategic plans, procedures, objectives and performance target   
  • Health and Safety Environment
    • Adhere to all safety procedures & policies specified for service, operation or repair of equipment or service tools usage, and take prompt action in the event of an emergency in order to safeguard life, minimize injuries and damage to property and any detrimental effect on the environment.
  • Team Improvement
    • Monitor and Evaluate the technicians performance to develop and increase the efficiency and performance level.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:

  • Qualification
    • Bachelor degree in Mechanical  Engineering.
    • CMRP Certification.
  • Experience:
    • Minimum 4 years in Heavy Equipment maintenance Profession.   
    • Minimum 2 years experience as a foremen.

Required Skills & Knowledge:

  • Identify components                                               
  • Budgeting and financial management                                            
  • Integration of organizational plans                                       
  • Lifecycle analysis                                                
  • Interpretation of codes of practice                                            
  • Basic accounting                                                 
  • Administration                                             
  • Asset operations                                             
  • Procurement and supply chain management                              
  • Business Analysis (Procedure development)                            
  • Risk Assessment and monitoring                                             
  • Performance Improvement                                                 
  • Mentoring and professional development                                       
  • Condition assessment                                                 
  • Testing components                                             
  • Cost estimating                                                 
  • Budgeting and financial management                                            
  • Fault and incident management                                            
  • Project management                                                 
  • Safe Operating Procedures                                            
  • Cost estimating                                                 
  • maintenance management systems                                            
  • maintenance diagnostic systems                                            
  • Reliability engineering.

Apply through:

DAL Career Website :http://careers.dalgroup.com/career_opportunities/.
or send your CV to:
[email protected] .
[email protected].
and mention the position name in the subject filed .

* Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.  

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